10 Tips To Create Better Social Media Ads

You’re new to the world of social media marketing ads and you don’t know where to start. You’ve heard about how it can be effective—and even profitable—for your business, but you’re not sure how to get started. You want to create great marketing campaigns that will give you results, but it can be difficult for someone who has no experience. Our experienced graphic design team can help you with that.

social media ads design
social media ads design

We have 10 tips that will help you create better social media ads campaigns. These tips apply whether you're a beginner or an experienced marketer looking for some guidance on improving your performance.

Find your ideal audience for Social Media Ads

One of the most important aspects of creating an effective social advertising campaign is knowing your target audience. You need to know what they want, what they want to hear, what they want to see, and how you can make them feel.

Create a strong headline.

Make sure your headline is clear, informative, and relevant to the customer. The headline should be a strong call to action that tells people what they will get when they click on the ad. Strongly worded headlines are great for grabbing attention, but make sure you're not overselling or making false promises in order to do so.

Create a relevant call-to-action button.

Relevant call-to-action buttons are a must. This is the moment where you can ask your customer to click, like, or share your ad. Remember that people are scrolling through their feed and rarely pay attention to ads so make sure your CTA button stands out!
Make sure the button is easy to click on. The button should be large enough not to blend in with other elements on the page and should stand out from the background color or design of the page.

If you are using many different colors in an ad, try using white text for all call-to-action buttons so they are easy for users to read even if they don’t look directly at them – this also helps improve branding overall for future ads because users will recognize what “button” means when used as part of an ad format as well! It’s best practice not to have two separate CTAs within one ad since this could cause confusion among viewers who might think both options lead somewhere useful but actually only one will take them somewhere relevant (or both could go nowhere).

Write an engaging description.

The next step is to write an intriguing description of your product or service. Your goal is to convince the reader that they have a problem they need help with and that you are offering a solution.
Don't forget to include a call to action (CTA) in the description. This could be something like: "Click here for more info." or "Learn more!", etc. You can also include links to your website, social media accounts, or other relevant information at this point if you want.

Choose great images.

Choose great images for social media

As a marketer, you have to choose images that are high-quality and relevant. The quality of your image will affect how much it costs, but you should always remember that this is an investment in your brand. Make sure the images you choose are eye-catching and clear so users can see what they're getting right away. If you're selling a product or service, make sure the image shows off what makes yours better than the competition's (and vice versa).
If you really want to go above and beyond with this step, research what kinds of visual content resonate with your audience—and then create ads that incorporate those themes!

Create the right format.

You wouldn't build a brick house out of wood and then expect it to last, so why would you use one type of ad format on all your Social Media Ads? The key is finding the right fit for your audience, goals, and brand.
Make sure you're targeting the right audience by using custom audiences on Facebook or retargeting people who have already been to your site on LinkedIn.

Pick an ad type that fits with what you're promoting: if it's an event sale or new product launch, try native ads to help boost engagement because they look more like content than traditional ads—but be careful not to go overboard with them; if it's something like a coupon code offer or free trial period for customers looking at buying from your company, try text-based calls-to-action (CTAs) such as “Click here!” or “Get started now!”

Create an Eye Catching Video

video ad design
video ad design

Video is a great way to engage an audience on social media. You can use video to explain your product or service, or a process that customers might be unfamiliar with. For example, if you are selling a product that requires assembly before it can be used, you can create a video showing how easy it is!

Analyze your ads before launching a campaign.

When it comes to social media ads, it can be tempting to skip the testing phase and just get right down to business. While you may think that you have a good idea of what works for your audience, there’s no substitute for real data. Before launching an ad campaign on Facebook or Instagram, analyze your ads using the following tips:

  • Test different ad formats (video vs photo vs text)
  • Identify various ad placements (feed vs stories)
  • You need to check different ad frequencies (daily frequency vs monthly frequency).

Start retargeting today.

If you're looking to boost sales, retargeting is a powerful tool.
Retargeting allows you to re-engage with potential customers who have visited your website or social media page. This is especially useful for promoting your social media ads because it will help increase their reach by targeting users who are already familiar with your brand and products.

Retargeting can be used in any scenario where you want to promote something specific, like a sale or special offer on Facebook or Instagram Ads. You can also use it as a means of boosting traffic and building brand awareness, by showing ads to people who have already shown interest in your product through visiting websites but have not taken any action yet (such as purchasing anything).

You can create better social media ads design for your business than you thought possible with these tips and tricks!

Here's why:

  • You don't need a huge budget to create quality ads.
  • These tips will help you get started creating great social media ads for your business.

These tips will work for every social media platform, so don't think that just because you're using Facebook or Twitter, the challenge is too big to handle!


We hope that we’ve given you some useful pointers on how to think about the design of your social media ads. But even if you don’t manage to employ all of these tips, remember that they aren’t set in stone. As long as you follow a few basic principles and keep a close eye on your analytics, you can break all these rules and still end up with successful ad campaigns!

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