Top Trends for Logo Designs in 2020-21

Top Trends for Logo Designs in 2020-21

With every passing day, logo designers come up with different themes and trends for the digital realm in terms of logos for companies and organizations. New ideas are incorporated in the field and they take different shapes when they are taken up by different minds. However, after an idea goes through multiple minds, it eventually can be mapped out and categorized. Here is an article with a list of top trends for logo design services that you can use if you own a logo design company.

top Trends for Logo Designs in 2020

Simplified Logo Design

Using simple and neat logos will never run out of fashion and famous logos will continue to surface with a neat and simplified design. Such logos are good at communicating with clients while staying less visual.

Tweaked Geometry

Tweaked geometry hidden or vivid in logo design services seems to be a trending fashion. You can consider replacing the traditional squares and circles with unique compositions comprised of different geometric shapes and patterns.

Infrequent Fonts

Looking at the trends in the previous years, one can expect to have some less used fonts to be used by logo design companies. This technique has been found to be successful in setting a trend and any logo design services can boost their sales if they come up with their custom-designed fonts.


Experimenting with gradients can turn out to be a good run for logo design services as famous brands like Instagram did. In 2016, Instagram shocked everyone with a logo based on a gradient design and it was witnessed that many players followed. If you can come up with a unique gradient as your unique aspect, things can be good for your logo design company.

Logos With Cluttered Designs

The term cluttered might sound vague for a logo trend but you can come up with many incredible logos if you consider the theme. Different angles, color tins, overlapped shapes, and other normal techniques can end up in creating an illusion of movement in your logo. Pretty neat idea for logo design services right?

Chaos In Arrangement

This trend in logos can be a super magnet for industries like fashion, music, or arts. The idea is to create a symphony in chaotic arrangement of shapes, images, or different items, and give the artistic touch to the logo. You can avoid using text or letters in this arrangement as people might not be able to make up the words then. But hey! Providing Logo design services is a creative art.

Geometric Letters

Now, this is something you can call a refined version of the trend mentioned just above. You can toy with the geometric shapes, and introduce chaos with geometric shapes and letters. The concept goes like this. Pick regular geometric shapes like a line, a circle, a triangle, and position them in such a way that they form words. You can move up as an impressive logo design company if you can select the proper color combination that goes best with the type of company it is made for.


Emblems have been trendsetters for logos for a very long time and in 2020, they are expected to keep their pace. Many famous brands have been recognized by their emblem logos and any logo design company can get in the limelight if it knows how to move around in the emblem realm. Studying different ancient emblems might come in handy.


This is a technique considered old by logo design services but still, you don’t see many logos with this effect. It is because it requires a peculiar set of skills and perspectives. Not everyone logo design company can bring out the charm of a logo with the scaling effect. 2021 might give us something to negate this statement though.

Text Demolition

Text demolition or text destruction is another upward trend in the realm of creative logo design services. You can hide or obscure different parts of letters and design a logo that is more stimulating and intellectually creative. If you have a keen eye to tweak letters with this method, you can expect some amazing designs to be on the product list of your logo design company.

Hand Drawn Logos

This is a trend that gives the eye an authentic feeling. Logos with hand-drawn shapes and handwritten letters seem to have a charismatic effect on viewers and most importantly, they can have a long-lasting place inside the brain’s memory. This is something every company would want, to have people remember their logo and recognize them just by the logo.

Thin Line Logos

This is another trend witnessed to be on the rise in 2021. If you are providing logo design services, you can bring different imaginations to reality as logos with this effect. You can make adjustments to the opacity, strength, and visibility of the lines and the results can be pretty spectacular.

Overlapping Logos

Overlapping logos can be a very smart, simple, cunning, yet very effective way to come up with an amazing logo for any conglomerate. You can consider overlapping colors, graphics, shapes, texts, and even images to come up with some stunning and eye-catching logos for your client or even your own logo design company.

Animated & Moving Logos

Remember! Not every logo has to be a still image. Alright? We all know how captivating the logo of Google Chrome’s loading graphic is. It is only fair to expect moving and animated logos to be trending on the rise in 2021.

Abstract Logos

Now, this is a trend in logos that is purely for the creative minds out there. You can expect to see some amazing logos under this trend. This section is something that allows you to be completely in control of the design while keeping the idea of the company’s nature at hand. You can expect to come up with something so abstract that it does not depict the company’s work of line, but still, people will remember it. Need a hint? The rings of the Olympics logo!


Creating a logo for a company or any industry is a creative task and you can be completely neutral with it. Sometimes, having the trends studied is a good place to start having ideas. Making logos is a creative art and you might even end up making a logo that does not relate to any trending logo designs of 2021, or it might incorporate every single one of them. In either case, it is hoped that this list of trending logo designs in 2021 will help you get a good idea of things.

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