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Building up a website all by yourself is a great thing. Of course, you can build up your own WordPress website quite easily. This you can do with a lot of ease using Elementor Pro.
However, you might not be very familiar with Elementor Pro. Perhaps, there can be certain things that you would like to learn about this WordPress website builder. Even if you do not have any kind of idea, we hope that this article would be a great help for you to understand Elementor Pro. Then, you would be able to know the great heights you can reach through this.

What is Elementor Pro?

Firstly, it is pretty important to know what exactly Elementor Pro is. Let us tell you all about it. Simply, Elementor Pro is a WordPress website builder, as previously said. You have the ability to utilize its user interface to build custom designs for your posts and pages once you have activated the plugin on your WordPress site. This can help you speed up your design and productivity in your WordPress website. This can be installed as a WordPress plugin and work with any theme. It also allows you to completely alter your WordPress theme, as well as create your own custom design on top of it.

What are the Features of Elementor Pro?

Now, let us take a look at the features of Elementor Pro. Obviously, this has a lot of interesting and spectacular features.

elementor pro
Elementor Pro

Theme Builder

Instead of using a theme of WordPress, it is possible to use a theme builder to set a custom template. Obviously, there is hardly any limit to customizations with a theme builder.
Lots of Widgets Elementor Pro comes with a big number of widgets that you can use for your WordPress web design. Widgets like picture galleries, buttons, and carousels are available, as well as more complicated features like call-to-actions, PayPal buttons, and price tables. Not just these, there are many more that are massively helpful for you. Users can get used to them with time.

Mobile Responsive

By default, the content you produce with Elementor is mobile-friendly. You also have a lot of control over how your material appears based on the size of the screen it is being viewed on.

Hence, it is very satisfying in terms of WordPress web design.

Form builders and pop-up builders

Elementor Pro consists of form builders and pop-up builders that are very very helpful.

You can use the form builder to add a form to your current page or theme builder template.
Thanks to its rich field type support, it allows you to construct a wide range of form types. You can use the pop-up builder to make gorgeous popups on your WordPress website without having to know how to code. You can also utilize the ready-made form templates to speed up your process. Elementor provides over 100 ready-to-use pop-up templates. Email subscription pop-ups, cookie consent pop-ups, notification bars, and so on are all examples of this.


Elementor is installed through the WordPress dashboard, just like any other plugin. Its user interface is simple and straightforward. You can now choose to "Open using Elementor" when creating a new page. The Elementor tools take the role of regular WordPress tools.

There are two major buttons: front and center. A dark red + ('create a new section') and a dark gray folder ('add a new template') are both available. These pages are divided into sections, which are divided into columns, which are then divided into widgets.

How much would you have to spend on Elementor Pro?

Elementor Pro is a paid plugin with a variety of licensing options beginning at $49 per year. However, you get access to all of Elementor Pro's features regardless of whatever option you pick. The difference between the plans is the number of sites you can use Elementor Pro on and the fact that the lower-cost plans only come with email support. You can also contact support through a live chat with the other plans.

The ‘Essential’ plan costs $49 per year for use on one website and it has email support.

The ‘Advanced; plan costs $99 per year. And it can be used on three websites and email support is available. Further, the ‘Expert; plan’s cost is $199 for a year of use on 25 websites with email support. And the ‘Studio’ plan is $499 per year. It can be used on 100 websites including email and live chat support. Finally, the ‘Agency’ plan costs $999 per year for 1,000 websites with access to email and live chat support.


In this article, we focused on Elementor Pro. By now, we hope that you would have a pretty good idea about it. All that is left for you right now is to go design a website using Elementor Pro!

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