Elementor Pro or Oxygen Builder which one better for WordPress Website Design

You don’t necessarily need to have a computer degree or programming certificate to build a stylish and functional WordPress Website Design. Visual builders give you the ability to drag and drop your way to a WordPress website.

You can create a professional-looking website by using pre-built themes, sections, and templates.

There are a couple of WordPress website builders in the official WordPress CMS. You can use any of them as both are effective. But, if you are not sure which WordPress builder works better and has more functions than others, you are in the right place. DidoGraphic will help you to create the best professional WordPress Website Design based on your requirement.

In this article, we are going to take an in-depth look at Elementor Pro VS Oxygen, so stay with us.

WordPress Website Design
WordPress Website Design

What is the Elementor pro website builder?

Elementor Pro is the extension of Elementor. It empowers you to make a highly professional website from the ground up with various tools. Using that can speed up your workflow and design. You can install Elementor as a WordPress plugin, and it works with any theme.

It also lets you customize every bit of your WordPress theme, and you can build your own custom design on top of it.

Features of Elementor

Elementor pro gives you access to a separate design library in case you want to start with a pre-built design. It has a cool Role Manager, where you can configure to whom you want to give access to the visual editor interface.

With the help of Elementor, while editing the design, you can put your website into maintenance mode with ease. You can also design the entire website from one place, including your header, footer, and content. Its Popup Builder gives the user the flexibility to create a popup that is pixel-perfect.

In addition to that, the Theme Builder feature is a truly-visual guide to your site creation. With the help of that, you can get access to the all site part immediately, right within the editor. You can also take control of your wooCommerce store with the help of this WordPress website builder.

Elementor Pricing

Elementor page builder
Elementor page builder

The Basic pricing starts from $49 per year for a single website with all pro features. These features include the ability to fully customize the website with additional widgets and the ability to create header and footer, and more. Whereas, the agency pricing of the website costs $199 with one year of updates & support.

However, you have renewed it every year before the deadline, or else you will lose access to pro features.

What is Oxygen website Builder?

Oxygen is another site builder that allows you to start with either a blank installation or a pre-made website. It’s unique in that because it replaces the need for a theme in WordPress. If you want to start from scratch, a blank installation is an excellent choice. Though default WordPress themes become disabled with Oxygen, its design library offers you beautiful templates to work-with. It also sets you free from the limitation that comes-with themes.

Features of Oxygen builder

Like Elementor, it also gives you the flexibility to start with a pre-made design. But, unlike Elementor, it does not require a theme, and it is not a theme itself.

You can easily import and export all your CSS and other design settings you created using Oxygen. It also gives you the flexibility to design your website without using a code.

 Besides this, Oxygen has a much more configurable option for scroll animation along with global and page level-animation settings. 

With the help of the Oxygen website builder, you can easily add unique IDs and assign JS to specific elements. Oxygen is also the leanest visual-builder. It creates far more HTML code for the same amount of visual elements, as compared to its counterparts.

Oxygen Pricing

Oxygen page builder
Oxygen page builder

The Basic pricing for Oxygen is $99, whereas the agency pricing is $169. These are lifetime purchases and comes with a money-back guarantee. It means it is much more economical than Elementor. All packages include lifetime updates, supper, and unlimited installation.

Design Structure

Elementor and Oxygen website builder both use the same template-based structure. Using any of these two only requires to manage the template from the WordPress admin and edit the belonging design from the editor of each site builder.

Similarities between Oxygen and Elementor

Although there are many differences between both website design-builders, yet you can find a few similar things.

Talking about what’s similar in design, you can get Filters, blend, and background Gradients. Whereas being a responsive tool, both have Hide/Show element based on device Width and Reverse columns order.

In addition to that, to visually design Woo-Commerce layout with ease, both website builders have custom single product layouts, custom archive layout, custom cart, checkout, and MY Account in common.

When to choose Elementor over Oxygen website Builder

You can choose Elementor over oxygen website builder when you are a:

  • Beginner
  • WordPress Themes lover
  • NON-Technical WordPress User
  • Or a person who Like WordPress Plugin Integration

When to choose Oxygen Website Builder over Elementor

There are few technical but valid reasons to choose Oxygen Website Builder over Elementor. You can use it when you want:

  • Design from scratch
  • To learn to code while working on projects
  • Full design control of your page and theme
  • To use more advance features
  • To make website speed performance better


In this comparison, we get insights into WordPress’s two most popular website builders: Elementor and Oxygen. Both are great tools to build a professional and user-friendly website.

However, Elementor is more beginner-friendly and lets you quickly-build on top of the existing theme.

On the other hand, Oxygen comes with some advanced features like a layout engine, class-based editing, and structure panel.

With the Oxygen website builder, you don’t need to rely on a theme. In short, both have different purposes of using and audiences. You can choose each of those based on your proficiency and goals.

If you are looking for a professional WordPress Website Designer, who can build you super responsive and professional website design, either using Elementor or Oxygen, look no further to DidoGraphics.

When it comes to designing, we are an expert, WordPress Website Design Agency, looks highly professional and function better. Just try out our word-class WordPress website designing and customization, you will not be disappointed.

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