10 Best WordPress Themes For Small Business

To thrive, businesses have to adapt to the changing times. Most people nowadays use the internet to search for local businesses. Some may opt for a social media page instead, but it has limited options that may not suit your business. Building a website is the best way to go, as it allows business owners to fully customize their preferred format. Many suggest using WordPress - a popular content management system (CMS) where you can create and modify your website.

best wordpress themes for small business
best wordpress themes for small business

Best WordPress Themes for Small Business

If you have already a concept in mind, the next thing to do is to choose a theme. Whether it's for a new website or looking to revamp the existing one, you might be asking: What is the best WordPress themes for small business?

The Shortcut List of Top 10 WordPress Themes for Business 2022

  • GeneratePress
  • Betheme
  • Astra
  • Divi
  • X Theme
  • The7
  • OceanWP
  • Avada
  • Uncode
  • Flatsome


best wordpress themes for small business generatepress
Generatepress Theme

As shown in WordPress.org, GeneratePress has more than 1,000 5-star ratings from its satisfied users. Though we live in a society with advanced internet speeds, nothing beats having a lightweight theme to make web pages load quickly. It owns the right to the best WordPress themes for small business for 2022. Aside from better page loading times, the Premium version and the GenerateBlocks plugin help create websites with no coding required. It is one of the most stable WordPress themes available, making it a reliable choice for your business.


Best WordPress themes for business betheme

If you are looking for your website to be at the top of search engines, Betheme is the WordPress theme for your small business. This theme is SEO-friendly while being easily customizable. Apart from this, there are already more than 600 ready-to-use templates. It became one of their main selling points as the creators promised users to have a complete website for as fast as 4 hours. However, take note that BeTheme may not be suitable for all business industries, due to the limitation in design and features.

Astra: Best free WordPress themes for business

Best free WordPress themes for business astra
Astra Theme

When talking about the free options, the best WordPress themes for small business is Astra. It has the ability to make the website look professional, together with the easy customization options and support for page builder WordPress plugins. Integration for WooCommerce for your virtual store is also available. It has a detailed customizer with pre-built options, which are simple and do not require coding too. Unlock more customization options when you avail of the Pro version which starts at US$59 per month.

Divi: Best premium WordPress themes for business

Best WordPress themes for business divi
Divi Theme

Having a 4-star rating and above in different website reviews, Divi is considered the best WordPress themes for small business. It is equipped with an “advanced visual builder technology,” with hassle-free website editing functions. This allows business owners to create a website that reflects the appropriate design of the business without the fuss. The layouts provided also allow you to build a website from a variety of templates. It makes website creation incredibly simple, even for individuals who are not familiar with web design.

X Theme

Best WordPress themes for business xtheme
X Theme

Being versatile, X is also one of the best-selling multipurpose themes for WordPress. The most appreciated update for this theme is Version 4, with the addition of Cornerstone. This is the purpose-built frontend page builder tool, providing options on how the website will look without the need for another plugin. If you would like to make your small business' website unique, consider using this theme as it has hundreds of customization options available. However, just like most premium themes, installation and setup require additional plugins.


The WordPress theme the7 takes pride in being the "most customizable theme" available. Page builders such as Elementor and WPBakery can be integrated, which will give tons of options for your website, especially for the design. This theme already includes some premium plugins for further customization, making it an affordable choice for an owner of a small business. Like most of the themes in this list, the7 is also recommended when opening a virtual store with WooCommerce.

OceanWP: Best WordPress responsive themes for business

When talking about being responsive, the best WordPress themes for small business is OceanWP. With more than 5 million downloads, it can adapt easily to different viewing options whether on mobile or desktop. This is an important factor when it comes to building your business’ website, as many people use the internet through their mobile phones. It has a host of other benefits like integration of WooCommerce and creating a custom layout, Elementor widgets, and even page sections.


Avada is considered to be one of the best-selling WordPress themes up to date. It is also one of the most responsive themes on the list, perfect for mobile, tablet, and desktop browsers. Fusion Builder - Avada's page builder plugin - can provide both pre-built theme templates and create personalized ones. This theme is recommended for a website that would like to have multi-purpose features such as configuration options for setting design parameters. WooCommerce can also be integrated to for having a virtual shop.


With its ready-to-use templates, Uncode is one of the best options for beginners - but could be overwhelming due to the number of options available. However, this will help users to create a site that will fit the personality and the vibe of any small business. It is also very responsive and could adapt to different screen modes easily. The only issue with this theme is that it did not focus on SEO optimization efforts.


Flatsome promises to be one of the “fastest” multipurpose themes available. It promises to load pages faster even if the business website has many features and options added to it. In addition, images and other elements are loaded only when needed. Most animations and transitions are capped at 60 fps for faster loading times. The downside is that beginners may not find it easy to use. On the other hand, this theme is also one of the easiest integration with WooCommerce.

Small Business Owners FAQs – When Creating A Website

Don’t deny it, you find it hard to know what would be the best WordPress themes for small business. As an owner, you would like things to go smoothly without taking too much time. Here are some of the frequently asked questions to help you get started.

Which WordPress theme is best for business?

With an overwhelming number, deciding which is the best WordPress themes for small business may be confusing. As many of them highlight its features and benefits, it is better to focus on how your business will be highlighted by your own website. In terms of overall design and features, try to use Divi. As mentioned earlier, this theme allows one to use the available layouts to create a website using a choice of templates.

Which theme is best for business website?

If you prefer having an online shop, the best WordPress themes for small business is Flatsome. It is one of the top-rated themes on WordPress, as it is consistent to be on the top three themes for sites with WooCommerce integration. It is highly adaptive to the screen while being lightweight. It has improved page loading times and is also good for SEO, which will help your website stand out from competitors.

What is the best free WordPress theme for small business?

When talking about the general and basic website for business, this should be more about how the web pages reflect the company’s main industry. Especially when you feel that your business is not yet ready to have an online store, a basic and fast-loading website is your best bet. Try Astra, which has a bunch of features that can be used for free. Once you are ready to make the website more advanced, take on the premium version which is the Astra Pro.

Is WordPress good for small business?

WordPress is one of the most popular website builders for different purposes. Whether for blogging, portfolio or for business, you can’t go wrong with WordPress. According to their website, “tens of millions of people” are choosing to use their platform for web development. Though it is an open-source development tool, security is a top priority. The use of this content management system (CRM) is totally free – all that is left to do is to find the best WordPress themes for small business.


In conclusion, choosing the best WordPress theme for small business may require careful consideration. Your customers should be able to see your business as a reflection of the business itself, including the products and services offered. Apart from this, the content and layout should be easily accessible to make it more user-friendly. As more and more businesses are competing against each other, small businesses can have leverage just by having a website that will be informational and accessible. Overall, Astra is the best option for those who have a tight budget and Divi is for business owners who would like to have access to a more premium-looking theme for their website.

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