18 Best Small Business Ideas In Kolkata - 2022

Top 18 Small Business Ideas In Kolkata
Best Small Business Ideas In Kolkata

The most important advantage of setting up a small business in Kolkata is its unexplored territory. From an entrepreneur's perspective, it means there are many areas where you can start your own business and make huge profits. So here is a list of 18 small business ideas in Kolkata with low investment that will help you to get started.

Online Business Ideas In Kolkata

1: Start Dropshipping

Dropshipping is a retail fulfillment method in which the retailer does not keep goods in stock, but instead transfers customer orders and shipment details to either the manufacturer, another retailer, or a third party.

Start Dropshipping
Start Dropshipping

Dropshipping involves creating an e-commerce store that sells products through an affiliate network or marketplaces like Amazon and eBay. In this kind of business model, you don't have to maintain stock & warehouse facilities as you promote various brands and let your suppliers deliver to customers directly on your behalf.

2: Start an Online Store

If you’re thinking of opening a business in Kolkata, one option is to start an online store. A lot of people use the internet to shop these days, so there’s a good chance that your customers will be online shoppers as well.

There are two ways you can run an online store: either set up a shop on marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, or Etsy; or create your website where you sell items directly to customers (usually at lower prices).

You can choose anything from clothing and accessories to electronics like smartphones and tablets; there are no limits! The only thing to consider is what price point works best for your target audience—if you sell premium products at below-market rates then there may not be much demand for them since no one else can compete with those prices. On the other hand, if everything is too expensive then people won’t buy anything at all because it doesn't seem worth the cost.

3: Online Coaching

If you've got a business background and want to help others, consider starting an online coaching program. This is the most trending topic in the digital world and the best small business ideas in Kolkata. It’s simple—you can begin with a niche area (such as social media marketing or digital marketing) and then use your expertise to provide value to your students.

online coaching
Online Coaching

You can start by creating a free course and using it as a way to build up your audience. This can be the first step in building credibility in the field you want to teach in, or if you’re still unsure about what niche area would work best for you, this will give you some insight into what topics people are most interested in learning about.

Once that's established, create paid courses on those topics—but don't forget about how important feedback is when it comes from students who take your courses! You'll want to collect feedback from them so that next time around (and there will be a next time!), their needs are better met with even more tailored content that covers everything they need and nothing extraneous.

You can also create community forums where students can interact with each other outside of their one-on-one interactions with instructors; this helps foster their growth as professionals by giving them opportunities not just within our classrooms but also outside them too!

4: Sell Books Online

If you have a love for books and want to make money from them, then you can start a bookstore online. You can sell books online through your website or mobile app, or on social media such as Instagram or Facebook. You can also sell books online through marketplaces like Amazon, Flipkart, and Paytm Mall.

Besides selling new or used books on your website/mobile app/social media account (or any other platform), you could also write blog posts that talk about your favorite reads - this way people will come to know what kind of book they should buy next time they decide to buy something from you.

5: Start a Reselling Business

Reselling is the process of buying goods at a lower price and then selling them at a better price. The idea here is to buy products in bulk and sell them in smaller quantities at a profit. If you're thinking about starting this type of business, here's what you'll need:

A good eye for quality - You should know what to look out for when buying wholesale goods. If possible, take a course on how to pick items that are worth reselling and avoid those that have poor quality or have been damaged during transit (you may also want to invest in some packaging materials which will help protect your final product). It also helps if you're familiar with industry standards as well as other types of products so that you can make informed decisions when choosing which items will sell best based on their condition and popularity among consumers.

Best Business Ideas In Kolkata

6: Open a Restaurant

If you love cooking and have a flair for food, then this is the best small business ideas in Kolkata for you. You can start an eatery in any area of Kolkata and earn good money from it. The cost of opening a restaurant is quite high but once your restaurant starts earning profits, the profit margin will be high as well. The profit margin of restaurants depends upon various factors like location, customer traffic, quality of food, and so on.

open restaurant
Restaurant Business

Before starting any new business venture, make sure that there is a need for such kind of product or service in your locality or city where you want to start working as it will be difficult for you to sell anything if there are no customers who are willing to buy them from you because products won't sell themselves if people don't know about them or if they don't need them in their lives at all times!

7: Start a Courier Service

  • You need to have a fleet of vehicles to start a courier service.
  • You need to hire a team that is ready to serve your clients 24/7.
  • Your business office should be situated in Kolkata so that you can easily manage the delivery process.
  • You must have an online website where customers can place their orders and track their status of them at any point in time.
  • You must brand yourself properly with an identity card or something else which will represent your brand name and help people recognize you as a courier service provider in the Kolkata area.
  • A marketing plan must be developed for this business idea so that people get aware of your services and trust them to send their packages via courier services like DHL, FedEx, etc.

8: Fitness Trainer

You can become a fitness trainer in Kolkata. It is one of the easiest and fastest ways to start your own business and earn money. It is like a game changer and best small business ideas in Kolkata in 2021-22. A lot of people are getting into this branch because it has proved to be very profitable, especially with the growing popularity of gyms and health clubs all over India. If you have been thinking about starting your own business, then this could be it!

Fitness Trainer

Fitness trainer in Kolkata for women: If you have experience working as a professional trainer or have any training course under your belt, then I’m sure that there will be plenty of clients who would love to work with you! Just make sure that you market yourself well on social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram so that people know where they can find out more about what services are offered by yours truly.

Fitness trainer in Kolkata for men: The male population has increased exponentially over time which means that there is more demand than ever before when it comes down t receiving personal training at home from someone who knows how best practices should work out for maximum effects within each session itself--and so these guys need someone who knows how exactly what kind  pipeline needs should look like before moving forward into other phases involving different types of movements done over many weeks/months at once while still maintaining momentum throughout those respective sessions themselves.

9: Start a Business Consultancy

If you have a good business idea and the determination to see it through, then why not start a business consultancy? Business consultancy is a lucrative business, with high-paying jobs and high growth potential. You can easily make $15000 or more per year if you’re good enough at what you do.

The industry is also very stable because of its low entry barrier: anyone who has an idea on how to improve the performance of an existing company (or even start one) can offer their services as a consultant. The other reason why this industry is so stable is that there won’t be any need for employees once your company takes off—you just have to hire people when demand increases! And that too after making sure that those new hires are qualified enough for the job at hand!

10: Start a Recycling Business

Recycling is a great way to make money, especially in the city of Kolkata. There are many things that you can recycle and resell, including old clothes, old furniture, and old electronics. If you want to start your own recycling business then here are some ideas:

  • Recycle fashion accessories such as earrings or necklaces
  • Recycle food items like potato chips or cookies
  • Recycle newspapers and magazines for reading material for children at home or schools in rural areas
  • Recycle containers so that people do not have to buy new ones every time they need something like toothpaste tubes
  • Battery recycling where people can bring batteries from their homes for recycling purposes so that these batteries do not end up polluting the environment

11: Become a Makeup Artist

If you are creative, artistic, and love working with people, becoming a makeup artist is an excellent new small business ideas in Kolkata for you. You can work in salons or be self-employed as a freelancer.

Makeup Artist

You need to have creative skills to create new looks and styles out of the various products available in the market. Moreover, you must be able to understand your clients’ requirements and recommend accordingly.

12: Start an Event Planning Business

An event is any activity that you do to entertain your guests. The planning and organizing of an event, including advertising and publicizing it, are called event planning. The professional who plans and organizes events is called an "event planner" or even "event manager".

Event Planning Business

Event Planning: Event planning requires professionals with a variety of skills like marketing, communication skills, and managerial skills. They must have good knowledge of the target audience as well as the market trends to know what type of events will be successful in attracting the desired audience for their business or brand. This helps them generate more revenue for their business by making sure that all their efforts are focused on reaching out to their target audience effectively.

Event planners also need strong analytical abilities along with excellent problem-solving skills to come up with creative ideas that work at the same time remain budget-friendly while taking care not to overspend money unnecessarily during any given event. Event planners should also have good negotiation skills so they can negotiate prices with vendors & suppliers when working on behalf

of clients/customers without breaking their budgets either way.*They should be able to communicate effectively too because this helps them get feedback from clients/customers about how well did each aspect go during an event as well as what needs improvement based on feedback received from clients/customers before making changes so there won't be any surprises later down the line when something goes wrong unexpectedly!

13: Open a Food Processing Unit

Food processing is a field that requires a lot of knowledge. You need to know about food safety, food technology, food chemistry, and engineering as well. If you are looking for starting a food processing unit then you should have at least an undergraduate degree in any of these fields.

The food Processing Unit can be started if there is demand for it in the market. The company will supply processed products to different markets such as hotels, restaurants, etc.

14: Textiles Unit

Textiles can be a lucrative small business ideas in Kolkata. It is not only the people in the rural areas who like to wear clothes, but even those in urban areas love to flaunt their latest attire. You can start a textile unit by either buying a sewing machine or fabric and then making clothes from it. You can also sell these clothes either offline or online.

In case you don’t have much capital, you can consider starting on an experimental basis by selling your products at local markets and then making necessary improvements based on the feedback received from customers.

15: Start a Home-based Bakery

Starting a home-based bakery is one of the best small business ideas in Kolkata. You need to have a good location, as people will come only if your bakery is easily accessible to them.

In addition to that, you need to have a good oven and other equipment which is required for making bread, cakes and other items sold in bakeries around the city.

16: Open an Instrument Store

You can start a music instrument store and sell all kinds of musical instruments. In this business, you need to have good knowledge about different types of musical instruments and also about the people who are interested in buying those instruments. You can sell guitars, drums, pianos, or any other kind of instrument that you want to sell. You can also start an online store that will help you reach out to more people who would love to buy your products.

If you want to go further then why not open a physical store as well? It’s going to be great because it will allow customers to test the product before buying it and they won’t have any hesitation while purchasing it from your store rather than getting them online!

New Business Ideas In Kolkata

17: YouTube Channel

You may want to start a YouTube channel as a business. YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world, it's the second-largest social media platform in the world, and it's also the second-largest mobile app in India. You can monetize your channel by creating content people want to watch or subscribe to and then promote those videos through paid advertising on Google AdSense.

18: Start a Travel Agency in Kolkata

Start a Travel Agency in Kolkata
Start a Travel Agency in Kolkata

If you are thinking of starting a business, this is an excellent choice.

The travel agency business is a good idea because:

  • It has a high-profit margin.
  • You can start it with a small investment.
  • Travel agencies also have the advantage of being able to generate leads for their clients through their existing network connections and relationships with hotels and airlines, which in turn help them create more sales opportunities for themselves as well as increase their profit margins considerably over time.

We have discussed the best small business ideas in Kolkata. These are some of the best small business ideas in Kolkata, India to start with. If you want to start a business and are not sure what kind of business is right for you, then these ideas will help you out.

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